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2-day InDesign Classroom Course

Learn the essentials over 2 days for only £295

1 to 1 training icon  What will I get out of the training course?

  • Valuable skills for your CV
  • Learn the basics of Adobe InDesign
  • Learn to create your own documents from scratch
  • Save time and money by doing it yourself
  • Enhanced value to your employer


  How does it work?

Join the live class via Zoom. Your friendly trainer will take you through Adobe InDesign from scratch, in easy steps, explaining everything along the way.

You will watch what the trainer does as they will share their screen with you and then you will have a chance to try it on your own computer.


If you have any questions you can share your screen with the trainer who will be able to help you. (See the video at the bottom of this page.)

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You’ll feel amazing when you see what you have created.

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  • Create and edit documents
  • Layout text and photos
  • Put text into columns
  • Wrap text around photos
  • Add logos and graphics
  • Create and edit tables


Scroll down to see a full list of what you will be able to do.

  How much does it cost?

£295 per person for the 2 day classroom course. There is no VAT to pay.
(£275 for individuals or charities – email Ally for an invoice)


Group training icon  When is the next class?

  • Do not use this booking method if you require an invoice or receipt – please email Ally instead.
  • BACS also available – please email.
  • If you are booking on behalf of someone else, please enter their details in the box below the dropdown, or email Ally.


Level One
12-13 August
9-10 September
14-15 October
11-12 November
9-10 December

Choose a Date - Level One
Name(s) & Emails of attendees

Level Two
(for those who have completed Level One or have knowledge of InDesign)
15-16 July
30 September-1 October
18-19 November

Choose a date - Level Two
Name(s) & Emails of attendees

If you want to pay by BACS and/or require an invoice or receipt please email Ally instead of this option.


Email Ally for further dates if you can’t make these.


1 to 1 training icon  I have to create something specific with InDesign

Just click here to see our customised courses.

  What equipment do I need?

A computer with the Adobe software installed, A microphone (and cam if you want us to see you) and a web connection.


level icon  Do I need level 1 or level 2?

Level 1 is for people who are new to InDesign and it covers all the basics inc. how to create docs. for web and print with photos, text and graphics.


Level 2 is for people who have done Level 1 or have some InDesign knowledge. Look at the course outlines below. Ally will be happy to help you decide.


Group training icon  How big are the classes?

We try to keep the max class size to 8 but most classes are much smaller.


  Do I get notes?

Yes you will get a pdf document of notes sent to you as well as a shortcuts cheat sheet.


  Do I get a certificate?

Yes you will get one in the post after the course.


free consultation service with your trainer  What if I need help after the course

3 months unlimited support – If you have any problems after the course just contact us and we’ll help you to fix them.

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Red Rocket Studio really know their stuff and I learnt a huge amount in 2 days. Their teaching style is also sensitive with just the right amount of humour. Being self-taught on Adobe CC I was apprehensive about undergoing any training with not knowing at exactly what level I was. I need not have worried as they quickly assessed my abilities and instantly adjusted their teaching accordingly. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to progress in Adobe CC and can’t wait for my next course with them.

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    What things will I learn?

    Create documents in various sizes and page lengths
    • Create documents in various sizes and page lengths
    • Layout or edit an existing document
    • Insert your optimised images into documents
    online training and newsletters linkedin just brochures
    • Create text or place text from Word into documents
    • Insert logos and type into documents
    Edit all areas of text, put it into columns and flow it around photos
    • Edit all areas of text, put it into columns
    • Wrap type around images
    • Create your own graphic shapes for a professional look
    Create beautiful spreads
    • Create tables for beautiful looking layout
    • Create style sheets and Parent (previously Master) pages to speed up creation
    • Save your document for print or screen use
    • For a full list of what can be covered please see outline below

    InDesign Course Outline Level 1

    User Interface

    • Create and select workspaces
    • Navigate and Zoom documents
    • Zoom and Scroll shortcuts


    InDesign Documents

    • Setting Up an InDesign Document
    • Working with multiple pages
    • Understanding and creating columns, margins and bleeds


    Working with Text

    • Creating and modifying text frames
    • Getting text to flow between frames
    • Managing Overset Text
    • Formatting text
    • Creating multiple columns
    • Kerning, Tracking and Leading
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Spellchecking
    • Bullets & Numbering
    • Wrap text around objects and photographs
    • Create and use Paragraph Styles
    • Adding special characters


    Working with Images

    • Placing images
    • Resizing images and frames
    • Understanding linked images
    • Frame fitting options and Frame shapes for your image
    • Creating graphics
    • Creating basic shapes
    • Assigning Fill & Stroke to objects
    • Transforming objects


    Working with Colours, Fills & Strokes

    • Applying fills & strokes to objects, type and photographic frames
    • Understanding None, Paper, Color and Registration Black
    • Understanding RGB vs CMYK – why and when to use
    • Understanding Spot (Pantone) colours
    • Create your own custom colours


    Working with Your Document

    • Working with Parent (previously Master) Pages
    • Adding & deleting pages
    • Working with tables
    • Basic table and cell formatting options


    Saving & Publishing

    • Saving As a document
    • Saving for earlier versions of InDesign
    • How and why to package your document
    • Exporting as a PDF for print or to email
    • Creating a jpg file for social media


    We will be doing a number of exciting projects throughout the days to create both single and multi-page documents for print as well as creating eye-catching social media posts.

    InDesign Course Outline Level 2

    Working with Multiple Page Documents

    • Parent (previously Master) Pages
    • Multiple Parent Pages
    • Nested Parent Pages
    • Page numbers and section options
    • Page tool
    • Page reshuffle and foldouts
    • Table of Contents
    • Updating Table of Contents


    Advanced Type

    • Advanced Paragraph styles
    • Character styles
    • Nested styles
    • Inserting Anchored objects and Inline graphics
    • Applying Paragraph rules
    • Working with Bullets and Numbered Lists
    • Adding Footnotes
    • Creating Type Outlines
    • Adding Type to a Path


    Drawing Techniques

    • Working with the Pen tool
    • Adding and Deleting points
    • Converting points
    • Creating Compound Paths
    • Saving graphics, pictures and styles to the library
    • Creating corner effects
    • Aligning objects
    • Advanced Stroke panel options
    • Saving colour and styles as a default


    Interactive Publications

    • Creating bookmarks and hyperlinks
    • Inserting email links
    • Placing buttons
    • Placing movies



    • Publish and share interactive documents
    • Online and PDF differences for interactivity
    • Advanced PDF settings
    • Resolution issues


    We will be doing a number of exciting projects throughout the days to create both single and multi-page documents for print as well as creating eye-catching social media posts.

    Enjoying Red Rocket Studio InDesign Course

    Learn InDesign remotely with a live trainer

    Our friendly Certified trainers understand your needs and teach you accordingly