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Learn After Effects at your place of work or via Zoom

Our friendly Certified trainers understand your needs and teach you accordingly

Customised After Effects training at your place of work


We cover London and the South East of England.

Book a course with Red Rocket Studio and one of our friendly Adobe Certified Instructors will come to your office or place of work.

Our trainer will then teach you your own bespoke After Effects Course at whatever level you are at (beginner to advanced). You can work on your own files if you wish. The Adobe After Effects training is customised to your exact needs. 1 to 1 or groups.

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1 to 1 training icon  Private one-to-one customised After Effects course at your place of work or via Zoom

Covering your exact needs, this one-to-one customised After Effects training course will allow you to work on your own files and go at your own pace. We come to you and our trainers cover London, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey Berkshire, Buckinghamshire as well as further afield.


From £485 for the first person and then under half price for further people.


Group training icon  Private Group After Effects Courses at your place of work or via Zoom

If you have a number of staff who require training, contact us for our group training rates.

Vicky portraitRed Rocket Studio really know their stuff and I learnt a huge amount in 2 days. Their teaching style is also sensitive with just the right amount of humour. Being self-taught on Adobe CC I was apprehensive about undergoing any training with not knowing at exactly what level I was. I need not have worried as they quickly assessed my abilities and instantly adjusted their teaching accordingly. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to progress in Adobe CC and can’t wait for my next course with them.

Vicky Carlton – Benslow Music

  1 year unlimited support by phone or email – If you have any problems after the course just contact us and we’ll help you to fix them.


  Digital training files and materials and a book.


  A certificate of completion


free consultation service with your trainer  We offer a free consultation service with your trainer, to help build your perfect course.

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You’ll feel amazing when you see what you have achieved.

Adobe After effects logo
  • Create jaw dropping video
  • Use for social media and other use
  • Animate your logo
  • Text, images and video animations
  • Use cinema quality effects
  • Enhance your existing video
  • Learn to render out all media
  • Create animated GIFs


Scroll down to see a full list of what you will be able to do.

    With this practical hands-on course you will learn to create stunning video for social media, amazing attention-grabbing presentations, professional intros and outros for web or YouTube. Our trainers will gently guide you through various project in easy to learn steps. The course will be tailored to your exact needs, so even though After Effects is a very big app you only need to learn the areas that will be relevant to you.

    • Create adverts and banners for the web
    • Use existing photos and text
    • Add sound and videos to composition
    • Render out as video or animated GIF
    • Add animated text to existing video
    • Speed up or slow down video
    • Add multiple sounds
    • Use text, logos and video to create video posts
    • Animate your logo
    • Fade text and images in and out
    • Create a video sequence
    • Overlay graphics on your video
    • Prepare composition for social media and YouTube
    • Animate Illustrator or Photoshop graphics
    • Combine files from multiple sources
    • Add cinematic effects to your animation
    • Add multiple soundtracks and control volume

    After Effects topics usually covered in a day

    Starting a New Project

    • Workspaces – get to know the app
    • The Project window, timeline and viewer
    • Saving your project


    Simple, effective animations

    • Creating sequences – sequence settings
    • Creating assets
    • How layers work in the timeline window
    • Object properties – Position, Scale,
      Rotation and Opacity
    • Object transforms
    • Navigating the timeline, playing,
      zooming and scrubbing
    • Simple animation
    • Position animations
    • Manipulating keyframes
    • Using the keyframe navigator
    • Using shortcuts to reveal keyframes
      and properties
    • Copying and pasting keyframes
    • Proportional scaling of keyframes on
      the timeline


    Creating Simple Effects

    • The Effect Controls palette
    • How effects work with keyframes
    • Combining effects together
    • Adjustment layers
    • Basic colour correction on layers


    Text Layers and Text Animation

    • Adding Ease to improve animation quality
    • The interface in more detail, switches modes and time controls
    • Adding Motion Blur


    Layer Controls

    • Importing video footage
    • Trimming and time
      manipulation of layers
    • Sorting, finding and working with
      assets in the project window
    • Saving project files – asset linkages
    • Working with multiple sequences
    • Importing Photoshop files
    • Layer modes
    • PreComps – nested layer sequence
    • The collapse transformations switch



    • Working with sound in layers


    Simple Rendering

    • Outputting varied media types with Media Encoder
    uni training course

    More advanced topics

    More Keyframes

    • Hold keyframes
    • Roving keyframes
    • Auto orientation


    Creating Masks

    • Mask types and settings – shape and bezier masks
    • Editing masks
    • Using masks to reveal and hide layers
    • Animating Masks
    • Other mask uses for paths and effect controls
    • Shape layers


    Track Mattes

    • Track Matte – Luma and Alpha for advanced
      masking and blending layers
    • Create a title sequence
    • Anchor point issues
    • Pre-composing base elements for better workflow
    • Adding effects to build our sequence
    • Parenting Layers
    • Create a simple expression
    • How expressions works – what the numbers do


    The Effects and Presets Palette

    • Using basic presets as a start point
    • Saving your own presets
    • Text presets – a special case
    • Creating your own text animators
    • Saving text animators as a preset


    3D Layers – A Basic Introduction

    • Creating and manipulating layers in 3D space
    • Create a simple 3D effect sequence
    • Creating and using a camera
    • Creating lights and light settings


    Rendering – Creating our Final Output

    • Render settings
    • Using the correct workflow
    • More detailed outputting varied media types
      with Media Encoder
    • Export your project for film, video, mobile devices
      and the web (social media)