Why spend a day in a classroom with other delegates who have different needs to your own?

With a Red Rocket Studio course, we will come to your office and train you with a customised course for a similar price.

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If you are a complete beginner or at an advanced level we can help you by tailoring a course to your exact needs.

Adobe Illustrator courses London and Essex

Your Illustrator training with friendly Adobe Certified trainers will give you confidence and the ability to create beautiful graphics!


You’ll feel amazing when you see what you have achieved.

Learn all things Adobe from the best! I did the two day course and it has transformed the way I work. Everything was superbly organised by Ally and I had a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. Would love to do more courses with them.

Juliet Liddell

  1 year unlimited support by phone or email – If you have any problems after the course just contact us and we’ll help you to fix them.


  Digital training files and materials, printed notes and keyboard shortcut reference chart


  A certificate of completion


free consultation service with your trainer  We offer a free consultation service with your trainer, to help build your perfect course.

Groups or one to one learning Illustrator in beginners course Red Rocket Studio

What type of course would you like?


1 to 1 training icon  Private one-to-one customised course at your office

Covering your exact needs, this one-to-one customised Illustrator training course will allow you to work on your own files and go at your own pace.


From £385 for the first person and then under half price for further people.


Group training icon  Private Group Courses at your office

If you have a number of staff who require training, contact us for our group training rates.

Learn Adobe Illustrator at your office

Our friendly Certified trainers will customise the course to your exact needs

You will finish your course with confidence to create beautiful logos and effective Infographics, graphics and illustrations.


  • Create and edit graphics
  • Create beautiful typography
  • Create infographics
  • Create and edit graphs
  • Create logos
  • Export for web or print


Scroll down to see a full list of what you can cover on your course.

Basic Concepts, Overview & Tools

  • Vector and Bitmap images
  • Using Panels; customising the workspace
  • The Illustrator Toolbox: Paths and Points selection; drawing simple shapes and selecting objects
  • Using Multiple Artboards
  • Transformation tools and the Free Transform tool
  • Using online help
  • Managing files with Adobe Bridge


Draw in Illustrator

  • Draw with the Line tool
  • Draw with the Pen tool
  • Pen tool shortcuts
  • Edit a drawn path
  • Understand Bézier curves
  • Use the Transform tools
  • Create a logo
  • Create illustrations


Colours & Fills

  • Fills and Strokes on Objects and Paths
  • Process, Pantone and Registration colour
  • Gradients, Patterns
  • Applying gradient transparency
  • Editing gradients directly on an object
  • Applying a gradient to a stroke
  • Live Paint and Live Colour


Brush Effects

  • Calligraphic, Art, Scatter & Pattern brushes
  • Editing existing and creating new brushes
  • Scribble Effect; using the brush libraries



  • Type tool; type on and in a path; type as outlines
  • Character and Paragraph styles


Text Work

  • Linking text boxes and using using circular text
  • Type on a path
  • Typographic control including kerning, indents and baseline shift


Arranging Your Work

  • Send to back / Bring to front
  • Group / Ungroup and group selections
  • Working in Group Isolation Mode
  • Cut / Copy / Paste & Paste in front / behind
  • Working with Rulers, Guides and Smart Guides
  • Getting the best from Layers
  • Using Multiple Artboards
  • Editing the Artboard size
  • Positioning elements
  • Aligning and distributing artwork


Modifications & Special Effects

  • Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool
  • Pathfinder panel and Compound Paths
  • Using the Shape Builder tool
  • Effects, graphic styles and masks
  • The Flare and Distort tools, including the warp and Liquify tools
  • Envelope Distort and Envelope Mesh
  • Using Live Paint to modify images


3D Toolset

  • Rotate
  • Revolve
  • Bevel
  • Extrude



  • Use Pathfinder and Shape Modes
  • Use non-destructive Shape Modes
  • Create drawings and logos
  • Use the Shape Builder tool


Work with Multiple Objects

  • Group Objects
  • Duplicate commands
  • Align and Distribute Objects
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Create Clipping Masks
  • Use the Isolation mode


Working with Patterns and Symbols

  • Simple patterns and artwork patterns
  • Converting logos to symbols for reuse
  • Using the symbol spray to instance symbols around page
  • Update symbols, manipulate symbols


Text in Illustrator

  • Add Point type
  • Add Area type
  • Add type to a vector path
  • Spell check
  • Create type outlines


Work with Layers

  • Understand Layers
  • Create and delete Layers
  • Hide and lock Layer objects
  • Move objects to different Layers
  • Discover the Layer options


Using Illustrator to Present Data

  • Graphs and graph types
  • Graph styles such as pies and bars


Output from Illustrator

  • Save Illustrator artwork
  • Export art in non-vector formats
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