What course do I need?

The main courses we cover are:

Photoshop: This is for sorting out your images – correcting funny colours and lightness and darkness, contrast; removing things that you don’t want in there, cutting out objects so you can place it onto a different background. The list is long … find out more here.

InDesign: This is the industry standard software package for desktop publishing. It’s a powerful piece of software which allows you to create banners, brochures, web media including interactive ePubs. See here for the full breakdown.

Illustrator: This is a fantastic and exciting piece of software used for creating logos, infographics and scalable vector graphics (SVGs) which are graphics that can be scaled up nice and large. See the full array of capabilities here.

All the packages work independently and interact perfectly with each other.

The 30 second video at the bottom of this page explains what each one does.