What are the timings / layout of the day?

The workshop is a series of demonstrations, then guided practical sessions.


It will open up at 09:15 am for people to get logged on and iron out any queries with Zoom.


Here is a guide to general timings.


09:15 Workshop open for chat and ironing out queries

09:30 Project 1: Workshop commences with first demo and then a step-by-step guided workshop where you will recreate the first project along with the trainer.

10:50 Short 10 minute break

11:00 Project 2: Second demo and step-by-step instruction

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Project 3a – Third demo and step-by-step instruction

14:30 Short 10 minute break

14:40 Project 3 part b – demo and time to create your own extra pages.

16:00 Workshop close