Learn to Create these Professional Newsletters & Brochures in InDesign

1 Day Live Online Training Workshop in your home

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Create newsletters and brochures using Adobe InDesign with a live trainer in the one day Zoom workshop.


Use them and then customise them to your exact needs.


No previous experience required.


Enhance your value to your company

1 to 1 training icon   What will I get out of the workshop?


  • Valuable skills for your CV


  • Learn the basics of Adobe InDesign


  • Learn how to create striking newsletters and brochures for print, email and online publishing


  • Learn to create your own from scratch


  • Save time and money by doing it yourself


  • Enhanced value to your employer
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  How does it work

At the beginning of each session the trainer will give you an overview of creating the newsletter / brochure you will be building. They will then take you through creating the documents from scratch, in easy steps, explaining everything along the way.

See the 3 projects you will create by scrolling down this page.


If you have any questions you can share your screen with the trainer who will be able to help you.

There are 3 main sessions during the day plus lunch and tea breaks.



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Melanie Knight“I would highly recommend it. The course is at a steady pace, with plenty of opportunity to try everything out, have a play, make mistakes and get your trainer to show you how to correct it.”

Melanie Knight – Director – Blue Tree HR Solutions

  What else do I get?
  • All assets used for the training – photos and Word files
  • Finished templates for later use
  • 3 PDF booklets with step-by-step instructions
  • Edited video recording of the session
  • PDF Shortcuts document
  • Certificate



£197 per person all inclusive.


indesign logo red  How do I get Adobe InDesign?

Click this link for more details

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You’ll feel amazing when you see what you have achieved.

InDesign courses London and Essex
  • Create and edit documents
  • Layout text and photos
  • Put text into columns
  • Create custom colours
  • Add logos & graphics
  • Export for print and email
  • Publish your work online


Scroll down to see a full list of what you will be able to do.

    These are the 3 projects you will build

    project 1 finished

    Project 1

    new newsletter and add photos and shapes
    • Create new document and understand settings
    • Add simple shapes
    • Add, move and resize images
    Project 1 text
    • Create text or paste text from Word into your document
    • Adjust text colour, size and the way it flows
    Project 1 export
    • Change images and learn about the way they work
    • Save, export and publish online
    project 2 finished

    Project 2

    Project 2 new and add photos
    • Create new document for print and understand settings
    • Add images, move and resize
    Project 2 transparency and colour
    • Add graphical shapes and make new fill colour
    • Save colour swatches and apply to new shapes
    Project 2 multi photos
    • Add frames for more images and some graphical lines
    • Add text boxes and then text
    • Save document
    project 3 finished

    Project 3

    project extra pages finished

    Project 3 extra pages

    Project 3 set up columns
    • Add new page to the last project
    • Add more images and learn more about the properties
    Project 3 balance text
    • Add graphical shapes
    • Paste in text from Word
    • Balance text in columns
    project 3 add extra pages
    • Add more text and page numbers
    • Make more of your own pages using techniques above

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