InDesign Course – Beginner

Learn all the basics to get you up and running as soon as possible

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You will learn and build your confidence

This  beginner InDesign training course is suitable for anyone who doesn’t have any previous experience. Marketing departments and those working in the publishing industry, amongst others, find it exceptionally useful.


A Red Rocket Studio introductory course is designed to give you an excellent working knowledge of Adobe InDesign. You will finish the course with confidence to create beautiful, effective page layouts.

Let us teach you the industry standard publishing software and the world is your oyster!

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Lots of high quality content


The first half of the InDesign course for beginners concentrates on building a document layout from scratch. The second focuses on more advanced layout and typographical controls, working with layers and creating multiple page documents.


Lots of support


1 year unlimited support by phone or email


Course materials and notes


A certificate of completion

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Private one-to-one customised course at your office

Covering your exact needs, this one-to-one customised InDesign training course will allow you to work on your own files and go at your own pace.


We offer a free consultation service with your trainer, to help build your perfect course.


1 year free email and phone support, course materials and a certificate included.


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*Travel / accommodation expenses might be added depending on distance.

Private Group Courses at your office

If you have a number of staff who require training, contact us for group training rates.

After the course you will be able to:

Create documents in various sizes and page lengths
  • Create documents in various sizes and page lengths
Create text or place text from word into document
  • Create text or place text from word into document
Edit all areas of text, put it into columns and flow it around photos
  • Edit all areas of text, put it into columns and make it flow around photos
  • Layout or edit an existing document
  • Insert your optimised images into documents
  • Insert logos and type into documents
  • Wrap type around images
  • Create your own graphic shapes for a professional look
  • Create tables for beautiful looking layout
  • Create style sheets and master pages to speed up creation
  • Save your document for print or screen use
  • For a full list of what is covered please see course outline below
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Indesign Course Outline

Managing InDesign

  • Setting up a new workspace
  • Zoom and scroll shortcuts
  • Setting up a new document
  • Working with rulers and guides


Working with Colours, Fills & Strokes

  • Creating Objects
  • Transforming Objects
  • Corner Effects
  • Duplicating and aligning Objects
  • Using Smart Guides to align, rotate and resize Objects
  • Drag and drop on Anchored Objects
  • Use the Strokes Panel
  • The fill and stroke settings
  • Creating, using and editing solid colours
  • Creating, using and editing Gradients
  • Pantone colours


Text & Style Sheets

  • Selecting text
  • Formatting text
  • Spanning text across columns
  • Kerning and Tracking controls
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Dealing with overflow
  • Using Linked Stories
  • Linking frames and text flow options
  • Spell Checking
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Paragraph Rules
  • Text Frame Options
  • Smart Text Reflow
  • Creating and using Paragraph style sheets
  • Creating and using Character style sheets
  • Editing style sheets


Working with images

  • The Place command
  • Resizing images and frames
  • Rotating Objects
  • Using the Text Wrap window
  • Transparency
  • Special effects
  • Shape and corner options


Text Wrap

  • Text Wrap options
  • Allowing text to ignore Text Wrap


Creating Documents

  • Working with Master Pages
  • Page numbering options
  • Adding and deleting pages
  • Working with Tables
  • Basic table and cell formatting options


Saving InDesign documents

  • Saving as a document
  • Saving as a template
  • Saving for earlier versions of InDesign


Output from InDesign

  • Creating a lo-res PDF for screen view / desktop printing
  • Creating a hi-res PDF for print