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On this advanced Illustrator course, you will build upon your knowledge from the Illustrator fundamentals course or if you’re already a competent user this will take you to new heights. With the sound knowledge of Illustrator that this course provides, you can create truly spectacular graphics for print and web.

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Learn how to create complex vector graphics using advanced features such as filters and effects, explore in-depth typographical adjustments, and consider the printing process of your layouts. You will also learn about the seamless way that Illustrator integrates with InDesign and Photoshop.


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Advanced Illustrator Course Outline

Advanced Drawing Techniques

  • Use the Pen tool
  • Use the Appearance panel
  • Work with Compound Paths
  • Use the Expand Appearance command
  • Use the Outline Strokes command
  • Create and use Graphic Styles
  • Use Envelope Distort
  • Create Clipping Masks
  • Use the Width tool
  • Use Pathfinder
  • Create Transparency and Opacity Masks
  • 3D shading with the Gradient Mesh tool
  • Use the Perspective Grid Tool


Enhancing Complex Illustrations

  • Create Symbols
  • Organise Objects with Layers
  • Create a Pattern Swatch
  • Create a Mesh
  • Create Custom Brushes
  • Apply Colour Using Live Paint
  • Recolour Artwork


Creating Special Effects

  • Apply Effects
  • Create Masks
  • Simplify Path
  • Create Blend
  • Share Graphic Styles
  • Create 3D Effects


Create Custom Brushes

  • Calligraphy brushes
  • Scatter brushes
  • Pattern brushes
  • Art brushes
  • Bristle brushes


Graph Tool

  • Create graphs
  • Modify graphs
  • Create and apply Graph designs


Use Live Tools

  • Generate a colour group
  • Recolour artwork with colour guides
  • Trace bitmap images
  • Improve the trace result


Outputting Documents

  • Create an Artboard
  • Set Up Colour Management
  • Preview an Overprint
  • Apply Spot Colours
  • Print a Composite Proof
  • Create Colour Separations
  • Create an Adobe PDF File


Brush Effects

  • Creating Calligraphic, Art, Pattern, and Scatter Brushes
  • Modifying the brush options
  • Editing existing and creating new brushes
  • Working with patterns
  • Creating simple patterns
  • Defining artwork as a pattern



  • Applying Warp and Mesh Envelopes
  • Expanding and releasing
  • Edit Envelope contents
  • Creating custom Envelope shapes


Use Live Tools

  • Use Live colour
  • Trace bitmap images
  • Improve the trace result
  • Create custom Gap closers


Drawing in Perspective

  • Choosing a Perspective Grid preset
  • The Perspective Grid tool
  • The Perspective Selection tool
  • Setting Perspective Grid options
  • Setting Plane options
  • Adjusting the Perspective Grid
  • Drawing new Objects in perspective
  • Attaching art to a Perspective Plane
  • Mapping a Perspective Grid to a photo or drawing
  • Using the Plane Switching widget
  • Defining and editing grid presets
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to speed up drawing



  • Creating and applying Masks
  • Modifying and updating mask content


Working with Layers

  • Creating and understanding Layers
  • Selecting and arranging Layers
  • Duplicating Layer content
  • Applying Layer Options
  • Releasing and flattening Layers
bugatti sequence pencil to illustrator texture
From pencil to Adobe Illustrator textured final