Red Rocket Studio

Removing the mystery from design software

All our trainers are Adobe Certified Experts and Instructors

You can expect the highest level of product knowledge and training from an Adobe Certified Instructor.

Adobe has developed very tough exams for all their products. Passing the exam earns the trainer the right to call themselves an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).


Adobe also certify trainers with teaching qualifications / proven training experience over many years as Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI).

Who are we:

Red Rocket Studio is a family business run by husband and wife team, Tim and Alyson Wilson

Hi, I'm Ally. Contact me for more details or to book a course. I look forward to hearing from you.
Tim Wilson Portrait

Ally is photographer and digital-artist, Excel geek and administrator.

Having worked at the University of Essex with Lynda training she has an amazing knowledge of a wide array of media software. If Ally doesn’t know the answer then she knows somebody who does. She loves talking to people, so contact her with any question.

Tim is an Adobe Certified Instructor training Guru

Tim divides his time between training, and undertaking design and photography projects. Tim has trained a range of companies including BBC, Disney, Aardman, Sky, Nissan, Ford, British Airways, Virgin, Barclays, KPMG, NHS, the Times and Adobe amongst many others. Tim also lectures graphic design and photography honour degree students in Essex.